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Enrollment Process


We are a system of schools that eliminates academic and social-emotional opportunity gaps and cultivates the greatness that exists within each child to confidently pursue their dreams in our city, nation, and world. The South Bend Empowerment Zone is comprised of Wilson, Warren, Harrison, and Coquillard Elementary Schools, and Navarre Middle school. 


The Empowerment Zone has the power to make decisions based on the specific needs of each Empowerment Zone school. With talented, diverse leadership driving our vision, the Empowerment Zone values the perspective of the community in order to best serve students and families. 

The Empowerment Zone acknowledges the systemic and institutional inequities that currently exist in public education.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have equitable access to opportunities, support, and tools they need to succeed. 


Why choose the South Bend Empowerment Zone?

We are community schools. 

We are student and family-centered. 

We meet families where they are.  

We nurture the mind, body, and soul of each student. 

We are public education. 

We provide leadership opportunities. 

We are dedicated to addressing equity. 

We are driven by the voices of the community and dedicated to the westside of South Bend.


Enrollment Process

To enter kindergarten, children must be 5 years old on or before August 1st.

Step 1:

Choose an Empowerment Zone School. Families can choose to attend any Empowerment Zone school that works best for them!

Coquillard Elementary School

1245 N Sheridan St

South Bend, IN 46628

Harrison Elementary School

3302 W Western Ave

South Bend, IN 46619

Navarre Middle School

4702 Ford St

South Bend, IN 46619

Warren Elementary School

55400 Quince Rd

South Bend, IN 46619


Wilson Elementary School

56660 Oak Rd

South Bend, IN 46619

Step 2:

After you determine which Empowerment Zone School your student will attend, visit your school to complete your child's registration.

To register your child, you will need the following documentation: 

  • Child’s birth certificate

  • Parent or Guardian Identification (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Matricula, SB ID, or any other government identification)

  • Proof of these immunizations is required by the Indiana State Department of Health. Use the Immunization Record form below. Free immunizations are available in our community. 


For Kindergarten Only: you will also need to complete the following forms:

When you complete the necessary paperwork you can drop off directly to your Empowerment Zone school or mail the items to the school.

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