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Wilson Elementary School

Or click to order from French Toast

Order from any store of your choice


Try clothes on before purchasing

Leave the store with your items without having to wait for them to arrive

One stop shop for clothes, belts, socks and shoes

Can take items to The Dugout or EmbroideME to have the school patch attached.

Note: The Wilson Elementary School name that was added to garments during SY 22-23 is still in compliance with the uniform requirement for SY 23-24. 



JC Penny

Children's Place




Salvation Army

Old Navy





Solid polo w/collar, solid collared dress shirts


Hunter Green



*Shirts must be tucked in at all times




Hunter green




Solid cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, vests

Hunter Green



*Hoodies, coats, and jackets are not permitted in the classroom


Pants, slacks, shorts, capris, skirts 


Navy blue



No rips or holes allowed

Shorts and skirts must be three inches below the fingertips and no more than three inches above the knee



Socks, hose, tights






Close-toed and closed heels

No Crocs or Sandals allowed

Velcro straps must be woven through a loop and secured/closed

Our money-saving recommendation

Obtain the following: 

Five white oxford shirts 

Five pairs of pants and/or skirts

One or two sweaters/sweatshirts that contain the school patch

One or two black or brown belts

One pair of black or white shoes

*The outer garment worn by students MUST contain the school patch. This helps us identify our students who should be in our buildings. Patches may be added at The Dugout. Prices range from $6-$8. 

3222 Lincoln Way W, South Bend, IN 46628

Why School Uniforms?

Unites us as a community

Reduces distractions and clothing competition

Promotes equality

Prepares us for life outside of school with a professional look


Q: Do I have to purchase the items from French Toast? 

A: No. Items can be purchased from a location of your choice.

Q: Will I be reimbursed for items purchased at a different location?

A: No. There will not be any physical reimbursement provided. We were able to partner with French Toast, and the vouchers are good only when used at the time of ordering on the French Toast site.

Q: Do I have to include a school patch on all of the items ordered? 

A: No. The patch must be on the outermost garment, so it is a good idea to have it added to a few blazers, sweaters, or vests.  

Q: Do I have to pay someone to attach the patch, or can I do it myself?

A: You do not have to pay to have the patch added. You are welcome to add it to your child's garment yourself. 

Q: If I purchase items from French Toast but they aren't the right size, may I return them? 

A: Items may be returned to French Toast within 90 days ONLY if they have not been altered in any way. Items that have the logo added to them CANNOT be returned. 

Q: Is there a local store where I can have the patches added to garments? 

A: Yes. The Dugout has graciously agreed to partner with us to attach patches to your child's clothes. Your cost would be approximately $5-$6/application. 

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