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SBEZ School Uniforms

View your child's school uniform page by clicking the appropriate logo below. 

Coquillard Comets

Harrison Generals

Navarre Jaguars

Warren Wildcats

Wilson Elementary 

Ordering Options

The choice is yours. 

French Toast


Only acceptable items and colors are available within the school site

Free shipping on orders over $99.99

School patch may be added directly on the French Toast site

Visit your child's school site

Coquillard Comets

Harrison Generals

Wilson Elementary

Warren Wildcats

Navarre Jaguars

The choice is yours. 

Any store of your choice


Try clothes on before purchasing

Leave the store with your items without having to wait for them to arrive

One stop shop for clothes, belts, socks and shoes

Can take items to The Dugout to have the school patch attached.



JC Penny

Children's Place




Salvation Army

Old Navy



School Patches

School Patches

The school patch must be affixed to the outer garment. You have three options for having the patches added to your child's garments:  

French Toast
Cost: $6.95/each

Have the patches embroidered onto  garments when placing your orders on the French Toast site

Note: Items that contain patches CANNOT be returned.

Online only
Cost: $6/each

Drop off clothes and have patches added to your items

1639 N Ironwood Dr Suite 3, South Bend, IN 46635
Cost: $3-$8/each

Screen Printing (available only for polos and t-shirts--$3-$5

Patches pressed on-$5-$6/patch

Embroidery: $6-$8/patch

3222 Lincoln Way W
South Bend, IN 46628

Ways to Save Money

Our recommendation: 

Purchase five white oxford shirts from a location of your choice

Purchase 5 pairs of pants, skirts, etc. that align with your child's school colors from a location of your choice

Purchase one or two vests/sweaters/blazers that contain the school patch

Take one or two vests/sweaters/blazers to The DugOut to have the school patch attached. Prices range from $6-$8.


3222 Lincoln Way W, South Bend, IN 46628

*The outer garment worn by students MUST contain the school patch. This helps us identify our students who should be in our buildings. 

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